We bring innovation to an area of construction which has long troubled contractors, installers, architects, engineers, specifiers and regulators. Nonstructural damage in seismic events is the most expensive to remediate. This often results in structurally sound buildings being demolished because the cost of repair and business interruption is so high.

Our solutions allow building owners to cost effectively mitigate risk, while increasing resilience in both new and existing commercial construction. We save lives and reducing liability by compliance with building code and manufacturers’ warranties.

Engineers and Architects can now specify and have contractors build suspended ceilings a interior partition walls knowing that injuries are reduced and lives are saved. Business continuance after a major seismic event is possible, all at a reduced cost to conventional methods.

Seismic activity worldwide has shown that nonstructural damage to buildings is the most expensive to remediate in terms of actual damage, loss of operational capability and time to repair. Our solutions preserve life and enable business continuance after major seismic events.

We provide the ultimate win-win, safer buildings, reduced costs, faster implementations. Our solutions are the result of real-world experience in seismic countries, coupled with extensive testing against the building code.

Wherever you work, if seismicity is an issue, then we have proven solutions for you, thoroughly researched and proven in actual seismic events. 

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We bring together worldwide experts in Construction, Engineering and Design to provide well researched, practical solutions to seismic issues.

We were born out of the need to provide better solutions in earthquake zones where major loss of life and property damage had occurred.

In conjunction with our industry partners we ensure that our solutions are focused on life saving, cost saving, and easy to implement and exceed code requirements.    

Our research and development teams are tasked with bringing innovative solutions to the construction industry after consultation with all interested parties - manufacturers, owners, designers, implementors and code builders.